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Written on Sun 25 Aug, 2019, 16:27 by AltaiR

book2speech logoDownload for free from the Mac App Store.

One of the most difficult task for a visually impaired person is reading a book or a text in complete autonomy. One of the solutions could be to ask a sighted person to record it. During last years many software has come to automate the process of text recording using the Text-To-Speech system installed on the most common operating systems.

Book2Speech is the revolutionary application that let you to convert a text into an audio track on macOs. The most important feature is its flexibility. It is based on the concept of Fragment that can be created from the original text using several methods, for example, through the selection of the desired part. Each fragment is treated by the application as a separated object and can be modified, not only in its content, but also in its voice type and rate.

Other fragment creating methods are:

  • Splitting by track duration;
  • Splitting by string;
  • Splitting by paragraph;

Book2Speech creates a project that can be saved at each time and can be loaded when you are ready to continue to work on it. Each project is created separately from the others in its specific folder that also contains the MP3 files obtained from the conversion process.

Summarising Book2Speech’s features:

  • Open, write or copy a text;
  • Fragment creation from the original text by manual fine selection;
  • Automatic fragment creation using three techniques: splitting by track duration, splitting by string and splitting by paragraph;
  • Fragment editing in an independent manner in their content, voice and rate;
  • Play each fragment before converting it;
  • Save on disk the entire fragment collection or only part of it;
  • Converting the entire fragment collection in MP3;
  • Since version 3.0 Book2Speech supports basic PDF handling;
  • The user interface is totally accessible through VoiceOver and the most useful commands can be issued by shortcuts.

Book2Speech not only allows you to convert text in audio, but also provides a new study method for visually impaired students. In fact you can create extracts of your study-book, just like sighted people do by underlining text with pencil or highlighter.

But wait, there’s more… Think about a text representing a dialog between more players like a theatrical script or a fable. Assigning a different voice to each player you can create a more dynamic and amusing audio version of the text.

While the creation of fragments from the original text by selection let you a fast drawing up of summaries, the independent editing let you to add notes and comments to the part of interests.